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1. You can be next year's spokesperson/model! #YAAAS 

3. You feel like you dominate the cruise ship because all of your friends and family take over the ship. 

2. When will you have 3 parties for you and all of your closest friends and family with open bar?

4. Your quince celebration is in the cruise's theater that has been reserved as a private event.

5. Everytime you go to dinner there's a special gift waiting for you at the table.

6. You're not only celebrating your quinces; you're on vacation for a week!

7. When you arrive on the island there's a party set up just for you.

8. You get everything of a traditional 15's PLUS a vacation, custom invitations, giant quinces cake, OMG A PRINCESS DRESS #princessstatus, tiara, and much more!!

9. Your parents save money, which means more money for your present...

10. Why wouldn't you want a vacation/quinces all at once while celebrating with the best quince cruise company in the industry!?!

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