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Onboard Private Events

All of our quinceañera cruises have 3 private events known as:

The Welcome Party - The Debutantes' Ball - The Farewell Party

This means only the quinceañeras and their guests who booked with us have access to these exclusive events. Talk about VIP access!

(Each of these events have a full open bar and a live DJ.)

We also host a special Mother-Daughter night for the quinceañeras and their mothers to share a sentimental moment together. 

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private events clip art (1).png

Private Event Attire:

All quinceañeras and their guests will be given a Happy Holidays Travel t-shirt to be worn to the Welcome Party

Formal attire required for the Debutantes' Ball (Males participating in the ceremony are required to wear specified style of tuxedo)

All quineañeras and their guests should dress according to the theme chosen for the Farewell Party (to be announced)

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