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Whether you're looking to celebrate your quinces, graduation, or for the trip of a've come to the right place!  

We'll help you with flights, hotels, and transfers if you wish to stay in Venice before or after your cruise for you to get the most out of this ultimate adventure!

Just give us a call for more details


Things to know



€URO...Remember to take some for all the shopping you're going to do in Mykonos!


kn, the Croatian Kuna!

Famous Locations To visit:

The white, blue-domed buildings in Santorini are located in Oia.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site near Mykonos, the island of Delos where the Greek God Apollo and the Goddess Artemis were born...or just visit one of their famous beach parties! 

Enjoy the scenic views of the Old Town of Kotor and its historical landmarks constructed as far back as the 1400s!

In Dubrovnik, we have 2 words...King's Landing!

Visit the famous landmarks seen on everyone's favorite show: Game of Thrones.

Witness the beautiful, clear blue waters in the Melissani Cave in Argostoli on a boat ride!

Take a tour in Corfu and explore sites believed to be tied to Greek Mythology, such as the island of Schera in the Odyssey by Homer!

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